It is the joy of every entrepreneur to see their brand publicized. Publicity is very beneficial, because it creates awareness about your brand, draws potential customers closer, and positions your brand as a force in the market. The media is getting lots of engagements from all brands that crave recognition; hence, it is your duty to be able to secure a place in the media’s eyeline.

Looking at top brands like Apple, it is obvious that they engage in not only detailed correspondence, but also back-to-back interview sessions with the media. The question is: why is that so? The answers are not far-fetched – they have what the media wants! Your brand can offer the media more if you know the right strings to pull and you put in your best in offering quality services to customers.

As the world experiences changes on a daily basis, the media has grown to want more from brands. Here are some of what the media really wants from your brand:


No matter the industry your brand is in, express your knowledge and proficiency in that industry. The media wants your brand to showcase expertise, quality and, timely service.

It is now up to your brand to give the media what it wants.

Pro Tip: Consider the journalist you want to reach out to, is he interested in only real estates? Or his job demands him to reach out to only brands that deal in telecommunication services? Ensure that you are proficient in that field.


The media wants to see the future through your brand’s eyes. Set achievable goals and let the media see your brands progress on the journey and the impact being made.

Is your vision going to impact a local audience or even a global audience? Your brand has a vision, and being able to share that vision with the media is essential.

Know where you are and the impact your services/product is making, while also moving towards where you want to be and the impact when you get there. This will help you in satisfying the media’s wants and gain massive media support.

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Ways to get the media interested in you


Another way for the media to get interested in your brand, is by having solutions to major or minor problems. Demonstrating or speaking on how your expertise, services, or product make life easier in a specific way can bring a lot of media attention to your door.

You as an entrepreneur have built a brand in which you are solving a problem in some form. Body cream for sensitive skin, aromatherapy candles for mental health, Strategy sessions for small to medium business owners, the list can go on.


One of the attractive elements for a brand is the achievements that brand makes. Whether your brand wins an award for social service, the best innovation or even a “most promising brand” award, flaunt them all. Let everyone see what you have achieved since inception, including the media.

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A brand that is different and unique is what the media wants. The media is obsessed with the idea of getting new stories published on a daily basis and if your brand has something unique, it will gain the media’s attention.

What makes us prefer the Facebook social media platform compared to 2go? Last we checked, Android devices generally perform the same functions as iOS devices? However the differences each software offers in the difference that the media highlights. Think about when PlayStation and Xbox comes out with the latest system, the media highlights the comparative differences in order to educate their audience on the best purchase for them.


Have you ever wondered why the Apple series gets constant media coverage even before the new series get released? Or why Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are leading in the streaming industry? Because those brands are consistent in what they do.

When you release new updates about your products or services, it shows that you do not limit your customers to only one version of what your brand offers. The media is unrelenting in its quest for brands with high levels of consistency. Give steady, periodic and accurate updates about your brand and be consistent in serving your customers.


Another way for brands to be what the media wants, you have to be honest. Be honest about your products, services, accomplishments and even the shortcomings. When your customers know your brand to trustworthy, they will support longer and bring additional loyal customers to you.

However when it comes to the media, speaking from a place of concern and transparency about a hinderance that other businesses might face, can be the awareness angle the media is looking for. Example: Shipping times extending because of funding cuts to USPS during the pandemic. Perfect time to bring awareness to customers and the media to gain patience and understanding.

The sole aim of having the knowledge of what the media wants from your brand is to create an effective media strategy for your business. Everything starts with a plan.

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